Dr. Aaron Larsen, DDS
Aaron Larsen is a dentist for Sun Valley Smiles serving the Roswell, Georgia area.

Originally from the Los Angeles area, Dr. Aaron Larsen made his way to Roswell after attending dental school in Augusta. Prior to this, he achieved an undergraduate at Brigham Young University in Utah. While attending BYU, Dr. Aaron Larsen met his wife Jana, and settled in Atlanta. Ever since he has dedicated his professional time to the craft of solving orthodontic issues to complex dental issues.

As a priority, Dr. Aaron Larsen will always look to make patients healthy and happy. It's important to him that his patients are comfortable when undergoing dental treatment. He understands that it's not a process that people particularly enjoy. As such, he looks to make personal connections with his patients and strives to follow his idea of "Relationship Dentistry".  But that's not to say that he's a chatterbox! He is very dedicated to improving the health and happiness of patients while also pursuing his own education. Improvement is a mindset that he is fully engaged in, and has spent a long time practicing and mastering the craft of root canals, dental implants, as well as restoring an entire set of teeth. Rest assured, he is someone who is able to work with the most complex of dental cases in Roswell with ease of effort.

As well as being a general practitioner, Dr. Aaron Larsen has additional knowledge of dental sleep medicine and TMJ dysfunction. As a primary cause of many dental issues, these two require a practitioner that has sufficient knowledge in these areas. Dr. Aaron Larsen has also completed more than 2000 hours of continuing education in dental sleep medicine, TMD, and in the American Board of Craniofacial Pain, he is Board Certified.

In addition to his practice, Dr. Aaron Larsen is a dedicated member of his church. He spends a lot of time volunteering his services and if you don't catch him at his local church, you may find him on the golf course. And during his spare time, it’s not just that he enjoys getting some time on the green, he is skilled in a significant amount of cooking. And if you are fluent in Russian, you may want to have a conversation with Dr. Aaron Larsen in this language! And if you don't speak Russian, there's no need to worry; he is more than adequately fluent in the English language!

If you have any concerns about being in the dentist chair, rest assured, he is committed to improving your dental health but is always dedicated to making you feel as relaxed as possible when in the chair. it's difficult for a patient to undergo complex dental treatment. This is why it's important for a general practitioner to have a wide range of knowledge of procedures and products. Dr. Aaron Larsen has an abundance of professional qualifications to ensure that any patient has a comfortable stay with us. As a practitioner, he has such a comforting disposition that you will be comfortable in the knowledge that he can give you the treatment you need but also provides an experience of the dentist chair that's of the highest quality.