About Sun Valley Smiles

Sun Valley Smiles is here to help you with all your oral health concerns. We pride ourselves on delivering dental treatments that are effective and long-lasting. Our team believes that the best way to treat patients is by educating them on how they can have and maintain healthy teeth and gums. We provide as much support as possible to ensure that everyone has the knowledge to follow an healthy oral hygiene routine. 

Our practice has served the Atlanta area for over 15 years, so we’re vastly experienced. This is reflected by the sheer number of services we offer, from basic cleanings and exams to more thorough restorative procedures like crowns and root canals. We’re even qualified to provide orthodontic procedures to treat common conditions like TMJ disorders and crooked teeth. 

When you visit Sun Valley Smiles, you’re greeted by one of our smiley staff members. We want you to feel welcome and at ease during your appointment. Your dentist will assess your mouth and explain all the different treatment options that apply to you. Our team empowers patients to make more informed decisions, ensuring that you get the best treatment for your oral health. Get in touch with us today to book a consultation or learn more about the Sun Valley Smiles team. 

About Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is a gigantic and historic city that once hosted the Olympic games in 1996. Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and the most populous city in the state. The city is ever-growing, with thousands of people moving to Atlanta every year. It’s undoubtedly the place to be, and anyone that’s ever wandered around this vast city can tell you why. 

Atlanta is a reasonably cheap place to live, which explains why so many new homes are popping up all the time. But, with one of the best airports in the country on your doorstep, it also provides easy access to various cities and countries all over the world. There’s a host of cultural delights throughout the city, with Broadway plays making stops in Atlanta throughout the year, and a host of pop-up exhibitions in the urban areas. The High Museum of Art is a key attraction here, showing some of the best art collections in the country. 

There are lots of small and friendly neighborhoods in Atlanta, and each one puts on festivals and has a unique style to it. This adds to the sense of community in the city, which is rare for a city this big! Of course, you experience the trademark Southern Hospitality in Atlanta, Georgia, as well – the people here are friendly, talkative, and eager to help out. 

Downtown Atlanta may be an urban paradise, but the city is also littered with wonderful sights of nature. It has so many different trees and parks, with lots of incredible hiking routes and exceptional outdoor areas to explore. If you wanted to go just outside the city limits, then you could even explore the beautiful North Georgia Mountains.

Atlanta is an excellent place to live, and you won’t struggle to find a host of things to do, and local businesses to acquaint yourself with.