Where to get TMJ treatment in Atlanta, GA

Of the many health providers in the area, TMJ & Sleep Therapy Center of Atlanta provides numerous services relating to sleep disorders and TMJ. Providing treatment for patients of all ages, TMJ & Sleep Therapy Center of Atlanta specializes in non-surgical and non-invasive treatments to help patients suffering from ailments as diverse as sleep apnea, as well as TMJ induced jaw pain and headaches. They also provide specialist treatments for children.


If you suffer from recurring headaches, earaches, or you feel sleepy during the day, Dr. Aaron Larsen and his team at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Center of Atlanta will work with you to determine the best course of action. By going over your symptoms and assessing your lifestyle, the right treatment can help you to get back to normality. In addition to products like Invisalign, they also teach face muscle exercises. Known as myofunctional therapy, this can be an essential addition to treatment that can make all the difference. 


On top of this, there are numerous approaches to custom-made oral appliances. If you're someone who struggles with sleep, they realize that your health and your happiness is the priority. The great thing about TMJ & Sleep Therapy Center of Atlanta is that Dr. Larsen is approachable and values your health above all else. He's got numerous qualifications, where some of his credentials include the Diplomate from the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and the American board of Craniofacial Pain. He makes it his duty to educate himself with the latest developments in treating sleep apnea and TMJ, leaving you safe in the knowledge that this is someone who won't rest until they found the right solution for you.


The staff there are friendly, and as it is part of Dr. Larsen's duty to make you feel relaxed and comfortable while also getting to the root of the problem, it makes for a comfortable and calming atmosphere. It is what you need when you are stressed beyond belief and are looking for a cure to this problem right away.  

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